Online Veterinary Rehabilitation

“Movement is life”
I work for the well-being of your pet.

Pet Rehabilitation for Guardians


Veterinary Rehabilitation Online: Caring for your pet from home
Welcome to online veterinary rehabilitation!

In this new digital world, I understand the importance of providing quality veterinary care and attention, even when it is not possible to visit a clinic in person. That’s why I offer an online veterinary rehabilitation service, allowing you to take care of your pet’s health and wellbeing from the comfort of your own home.



Remote rehabilitation services


I provide effective and safe online therapeutic advice and guidelines for your pet. Through a video call I will be able to evaluate, treat and monitor the progress of your pet from any location.

Initial evaluation

We will begin with a complete evaluation of your pet, reviewing its medical history, noting any symptoms or physical limitations it may have. Through the video call, we will be able to carry out a thorough review and obtain all the necessary details to design an individualized rehabilitation plan.

Advice and Recommendations

Once I have evaluated your pet, I will provide you with professional advice and specific recommendations to help your pet in his or her recovery process. I will give you specific guidelines on exercises, massages, passive therapies, supplements and any other care necessary to promote your well-being and accelerate your recovery.

Guided exercise sessions

I will guide you and your pet in performing specific exercises and therapies. You can ask any questions you have while doing these exercises and you will get a response in the shortest possible time, both by message and via video call.

Monitoring and adjustment of the rehabilitation plan

As your pet’s rehabilitation process progresses, our online communication will allow me to closely monitor his progress and make adjustments to his rehabilitation plan as necessary. You will always have support and guidance, so you can be sure that your pet is on the right path to recovery.

My commitment to you and your pet


At Online Veterinary Rehabilitation, I am committed to offering personalized and quality care to your pet, even from a distance.

I will be available to answer any questions, resolve concerns, and offer support throughout the rehabilitation process. I care about your pet’s well-being and will work with you to ensure your furry friend receives the best possible care.

Contact me today to schedule an online consultation and help your pet regain quality of life! Together, we can overcome any challenge and achieve the health and happiness of your furry companion.

Contact me today to start your pet’s path to recovery at Online Veterinary Rehabilitation!

About me

My main objective is that distance is not a problem so that any pet that needs it can receive a professional rehabilitation service, in an online format, wherever they are. And enjoy the best quality of life possible, because WHAT IS NOT USED IS LOST.


What is my commitment?

  • Offer an honest and ethical service, where the interest of the patient, your pet, will always take precedence.
  • Experience and continuous training, and being up to date with technical and technological developments to put them at your service.
  • Communicate with you to work as a team and better help your pet.


  • Graduate in Veterinary Medicine, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University.
  • Title Rehabilitation in small animals, FORVET.
  • Expert Title in Veterinary Rehabilitation in Small Animals, Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Introduction to Canine Sports Medicine, Canine Rehabilitation Institute.
  • Sports Veterinarian, EFIVE.
  • Title Chiropractic, horses and small animals, AIQA.
  • Registered in both Spain and Norway.

Professional experience

  • Founder and veterinarian responsible for EN MOVEMENT REHABILITATION AND VETERINARY SPORTS MEDICINE, the first reference center in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Sports veterinarian of different sports disciplines.
  • Since 2015, mushing racing veterinarian (sled dog race), in its different disciplines, in Spain, France, Norway, Canada, and United States (Alaska).
  • 2017, veterinarian of the Spanish OCI (International Canine Obedience) team, at the world championships in Ostend-Belgium.

I am part of several associations:

  • AVEPA Rehabilitation Group
  • Aevefi
  • Racevets
  • AIQV



Annie Santos

Our dog Shaylo was operated on for a torn cruciate ligament. Thanks to this we came into the hands of Nira on the recommendation of our vet.

Nira has become the best thing that has happened to us in this process, both for Shaylo and for us. She is loving, caring and affectionate. More than a procedure for his recovery, going to therapy with the blond was a moment of joy, enjoyment and connection.

She gave us all the tools and knowledge we needed to work with the furry one at home. Thanks to that Shaylito recovered in record time and now leads a normal life. She also keeps in touch with the specialists involved in the recovery.

Nira inspires so much confidence in you that you can leave your dog with her without any problem because you can be sure that she will treat him with love and patience. We wanted to be in all the therapies but because we enjoyed every session so much.

Nira, we love you so much <3
And Shaylito even more, although you already know that.

Yumara Luis

Excellent professionals and exquisite treatment. 8 years ago Tula had a traumatic episode and was unable to walk for several months.Meeting Nira has been a fortune, she recovered completely. Today, at the age of 12, she has the aches and pains that come with age, although with the maintenance sessions she has a good quality of life.

Alejandra Dc Rodriguez

Nicole has been attending rehab for a few months now and the improvement is incredible. We will continue with Nira as long as we can because she is a very good professional.

Alexandra Angles Gomez

For me Nira does real magic, a few months ago I took her a kitten with a totally paralysed paw which they wanted to amputate and in just 10 sessions (a month and a half) Baguira is walking with her 4 paws. She is a person who loves animals, as well as being a great professional. My grandparents and the animals of the association go with her because as I said she is a great professional. I only recommend the best and that is her.